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Alfonso Casado

Musical Supervisor

Alfonso Casado



Alfonso is an established musical director and supervisor in the West End with a trajectory of 14 years in musical theatre.

He started conducting professional shows at the age of 20 in Madrid, and since then he has conducted and supervised shows in Spain, UK, Japan, Brazil, etc.

Major credits include Les Misérables (MD/Supervisor, Spain, London, Japan, Brazil and Dubai), Miss Saigon (MD/Supervisor London and Tokyo), The Phantom of the Opera (MD London), Mamma Mia! (MD Spain), Barcelona Symphony Orchestra, BBC Concert Orchestra and others.

He conducted the 25th anniversary gala of Miss Saigon (released in DVD worldwide) and was co-supervisor for Les Misérables 30th in London.

Vast experience in translating and adapting for Disney Channel in Spain and also as a musical producer for TV.

Awards include Best Musical Director in Spain for “Los Miserables” and Best Musical Director in the West End for Miss Saigon.

Future commitments include BBCCO (Album) and Barcelona Symphony Orchestra (Concerts) and Miss Saigon UK Tour (Supervisor)